Harmony Mobile Security App


Harmony Mobile is the top security app for business mobiles.

  • Leveraging Check Point’s best-of-breed threat prevention technology.
  • Protects against threats to the OS, apps, and network.
  • offers the highest threat catch rate in the industry without impacting device performance or user experience.
  • Inspects suspicious links received by SMS text messages.
  • Prevents phishing attacks from email URLs.
  • Blocking malicious and spyware code download and execution from hackers’ remote sites.
  • Protects against WiFi MITM (Man In The Middle Attack) attacks.
  • Protects against WiFi SSL Interception attacks.
  • Alerting and blocking port scanning on WiFi network connections.
  • Defends Android, iPhone, and iPad most advanced mobile devices.
  • Fully integrated with the secure IronTel Mobile devices.
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Harmony Mobile Security App

IronTel Harmony Mobile Security App

1 Year License, 3 Years License