IronTel Mobile Security

Secure, Usable, and Best Business Mobile Device

Secure Business Mobile

IronTel is a fully encrypted smartphone built to protect against cybersecurity threats. IronTel is continually being checked by Knox multilayer mobile security system from the boot process, throughout the kernel system, and up to a unique secure Android system with complete isolated encrypted applications. IronTel mobile encrypts conversations end-to-end and maintains an encrypted VPN connection to protect against hackers and eavesdroppers’ attacks over cellular and WiFi networks (Man In The Middle attacks).

1 Device 2 Phones

IronTel mobile establishes a unique Dual Persona security system to separate business data from personal apps. The Dual Persona security system maintains two secure zones, ‘Work’ and ‘Personal’, with fully isolated storage space for apps, data files, contacts, and camera pictures for top business data confidentiality. IronTel protects against spyware and ransomware attacks on mobile business data. Switching between the ‘Personal’ zone and the ‘Work’ zone is easy and intuitive.

Best Business Mobile Device

IronTel mobile is the newest and most advanced Samsung business-class device. IronTel is constantly updating with new features and, most importantly, with the latest security patches. IronTel contains Samsung’s original OS with hardened security customizations managed through Samsung MDM OTA. Original Samsung devices have the highest approval certification of the most trusted industries (like banks and insurance firms) and governments around the globe.

Mobile Business Data Security - Dual Persona

The Dual Persona security system splits the device into two secure phone areas, ‘Personal’ and ‘Work’, to separate and isolate the confidential business data from the private applications. 1 Device 2 Phones.

Mobile Personal Security Policy

The 'Personal' zone is secure and protected from external hackers and internal malicious injections. It manages the user's applications and data separately from the 'Work' zone.

  • Allowing applications installation from the Play Store only. Preventing malicious applications injections.
  • Allowing USB charging only to prevent direct cable attacks from external hacking devices.
  • Disabling Developer, Debugging, and Safe Modes to prevent malicious injection.
  • Disabling Download and Recovery modes on device startup to prevent system hacking attacks.
  • Disabling Root data privilege. Once detected, disable device login.
  • Encrypting the device’s storage to prevent disk data monitoring.
Iron Mobile Dual Persona
Secure Dual Persona UI
Mobile Work Security Policy

The 'Work' zone contains restricted business applications and data files, separated from the 'Personal' zone. The 'Work' zone goal is to keep the user's business applications and data file highly confidential.

  • Allowing selected applications installation from the private Play Store only. Preventing fishing attacks.
  • Disabling screenshots of any application.
  • Encrypting end-to-end all communication with the ConfiTel app between secure mobiles only.
  • Registering social network apps (like WhatsApp) with an anonymous UK +44 number.
  • Browsing with Tor and Firefox browsers only to keep privacy and anonymity.
  • Activating VPN encryption to prevent WiFi man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks.
  • All apps are protected with the ‘Work’ special password.

Mobile Security Starting Point

IronTel secures the mobile device right at the starting point when booting up and loading crucial system modules.  

Trusted Boot

Trusted Boot identifies and distinguishes unauthorized and out-of-date boot loaders before they compromise your mobile device and harm the file system.

Secure Boot is implemented by each bootloader cryptographically verifying the signature of the next bootloader in sequence, using a certificate chain with its root-of-trust resident in hardware. If verification fails at any step, the boot process terminates.

Kernel Protection

The Knox Platform’s patented Real-time Kernel Protection (RKP) is the industry’s strongest protection against kernel threats and exploits. RKP works seamlessly out-of-the-box, with no setup required. Simply powering on a Samsung Knox device provides world-class threat protection and attack mitigation.

RKP supports the rest of the Knox security offerings to provide full security coverage without the typical gaps anticipated with mobile devices.

Our Clients

Our clients are from different regions and professions. Still, they are all looking for a secure mobile device to keep their privacy when communicating with their family, friends, and, most importantly, business partners.

Business People

Business people manage most of their valuable calls and data over their mobile devices at home, office, and on the go. IronTel provides them the best security and privacy to confidently manage their own business. Business people prefer to talk over the ConfiTel app since it offers true end-to-end encryption and does not link to any public social network. Iron Mobile provides anonymous UK mobile numbers for business people to keep their identities private. 


Enterprises invest a lot of effort to secure their data assets from external attackers but usually are not aware of their own employees’ mobile threats. The IronTel provides a secured Dual Persona mobile to separate between employees’ applications and the enterprises’ work applications. Enterprises can trust IronTel mobile Dual Persona device to safeguard sensitive assets from employees’ applications. IronTel mobile is set up with a VPN client to secure all work traffic to a remote VPN server on-premises.


Governmental agencies, either political or security units, are looking to keep their confidential conversations at the top-secret level, protected from their rival opponents. The IronTel Mobile can provide a private switch communication and VPN server for true private end-to-end encrypted telecommunication. IronTel delivers the most secure and advanced Samsung devices with the best Knox security methods.