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Secure Iron Tel

IronTel is a secure smartphone, built on the most advanced Samsung mobile device, designed to protect business data from cybersecurity threats. It maintains Knox, the top multilayer mobile security platform for businesses. Knox security platform secures the device’s boot process, safeguards the kernel system, and implements a unique Dual Persona system to separate highly confidential business applications from personal applications.

IronTel provides the ConfiTel app for true end-to-end encryption when communicating with another IronTel mobile device. It provides also a VPN client to encrypt all traffic up to a secure private VPN server to prevent man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks on WiFi connections.

IronTel is the best secure advanced mobile device for business people. 

Iron Mobile Dual Persona

IronTel maintains a unique Dual Persona (DP) system, creating two separate zones, ‘Personal’ and ‘Work.’
The purpose of the DP system is to separate between the ‘Personal’ applications and the highly confidential business-wise ‘Work’ applications.

The ‘Personal’ zone acts like a regular mobile device, where the user installs applications from the public Play store only. The ‘Personal’ area remains clear from malicious by preventing applications injections from potentially untrusted sources like wired USB cable access, SD card access, and debugging/developer ADB mode.

The ‘Work’ zone, on the other side, restricts application installation from the business private Play store only (not public), where all approved applications are suitable for business purposes only. The ‘Work’ zone maintains separate encrypted disk space for contacts, camera pictures/videos, and file storage. Browsing in the ‘Word’ area is allowed only with the Tor and Firefox secure browsers for best privacy, where downloads are disabled by default.

Screenshots cannot be taken by any application, either it is in the foreground or background state. Screenshots cannot also be taken manually by pushing buttons combination. 

The Dual Persona system is crucial for business people who use their mobile for personal and work, without fearing that sensitive personal data will mix up with confidential business-wise issues and vise versa. It is a must for business people to keep their business applications isolated and secured from personal applications.

IronTel provides the ConfiTel app preinstalled in the protected ‘Work’ zone. ConfiTel is a true end-to-end encrypted app for chat, voice calls, video calls, and file transfers between IronTel mobiles only.

ConfiTel users can only communicate with other IronTel devices over a secured private server without sharing their space with unauthorized devices (it is not a public social network). Each ConfiTel user registers with an arbitrary inbound number to keep its identity anonymous, so, the personal SIM card number is not required.

Since the ConfiTel app does not participate in any public social network, content, and contacts are not shared by any means with commercial companies or with unauthorized outbound devices; it’s all kept locked and safe within IronTel encrypted private network.

IronTel provides an anonymous, virtual +44 UK mobile number to register applications in the ‘Work’ zone without revealing user’s identification. The virtual number is not linking user’s name to its number in any public directory. The virtual number accepts SMS text messages only for apps registration. AppIron Mobile Virtual Numbers in the ‘Personal’ zone (some could be the same as the ‘Work’ zone applications) usually register with the private SIM number for personal identification. To make things clear, IronTel mobile has two numbers identifications, the SIM number for the ‘Personal’ zone apps and an anonymous virtual number for the ‘Work’ zone apps.

The virtual number validation depends on the mobile operator policy. 

IronTel establishes secure encrypted VPN connectivity, tunneling out all apps’ traffic transparently throughout cellular and WiFi networks with a robust encryption method, up to the remote secured VPN server in the UK (other locations as well). IronTel Mobile implements the best OpenVPN protocol in the secured ‘Work’ zone and the remote OpenVPN server. As all applications’ traffic is tunneling out through the remote OpenVPN server, traffic is tagged out with the server fixed IP address and hides the origin Iron Mobile IP address for not revealing the user’s actual location.
The OpenVPN server should not allow all kinds of P2P traffic, inbound and outbound, as its purpose is to serve the selected ‘Work’ zone business-wise applications only. The VPN is optional with ad-on purchase.

Absolutely Yes.

Individuals and small business groups usually reside on our secure private server. The server, to be clear, is transparent to all end-to-end encrypted traffic that originated from two or more IronTel mobiles endpoints.

Enterprises and governments agencies require their on-premises dedicated private server to manage their users without sharing resources with any none organization members. 

The private server contains mainly three modules:

  • Samsung Knox security platform. 
  • Switching server.
  • VPN server.

Samsung Knox security platform is responsible for authenticating and provisioning the secure IronTel mobile devices throughout multiple security layers, from boot-up, kernel drivers, Android OS, and the unique Dual Persona user interface. It set up the organization’s security policy for both ‘Personal’ and ‘Work’ zones. 

The Switching server is responsible for authenticating and registering the organization’s IronTel mobile ConfiTel apps. It maintains all of the encrypted end-2-end streams running between the ConfiTel apps.

The OpenVPN server is responsible for authenticating and registering the organization’s IronTel mobile OpenVPN client apps. It maintains secure encrypted tunnels between each IronTel mobile OpenVPN client, which routes all of the ‘Work’ zone applications’ traffic through that secure tunnel. It is optionally to implement another preferred VPN technology.

The private server can be installed either on-premises on a dedicated hardware machine or a selected cloud VPN server. The server is running on a Linux Debian system. 

Absolutely Not!
IronTel is operating on a native Samsung device with an advanced security setup. The device has a valid Samsung warranty with the support of an authorized Samsung dealer. IronTel mobile keeps regularly updating with the latest features and security patches from Android and Samsung. ROOTed ROM device is risky and can weaken its security by potentially opening backdoors to fully compromise the device by hackers.

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