ConfiTel App - End to End Encryption

ConfiTel - End to End Encryption

Private App

ConfiTel app is a true end-to-end encryption application for all top secure conversation types. ConfiTel app neither collects users’ data nor shares any data with any 3rd party.

Private Server

ConfiTel app is managed by a secure private server. The private server is  dedicated to switch transparently ConfiTel apps’ encrypted end to end conversations only.


ConfiTel app has an inbound user ID number, which does not relate to any user’s public identity, like SIM number or email address. ConfiTel app keeps user’s public identity anonymous.

Secure End to End Encryption

ConfiTel app is preinstalled in each secure IronTel Mobile. All encrypted conversations are top secure when both parties are holding secure IronTel Mobiles.

Dedicated to Business Data

ConfiTel app encrypts end-to-end all business confidential data conversations in the IronTel Mobile ‘Work’ space only.

On Premises Managment

ConfiTel private server can be managed on premises with full control of the corporate’s ConfiTel app users only. 

How to Add a New Contact

ConfiTel Fresh - No Contacts

Fresh - No Contacts

This is the first screen after fresh app installation with no contacts. Click on the (+) icon to add a new contact.

Confitel - Add Contact

Add Contact

To add a new contact, click on the contact icon. To create a new conversation group, click on the dual contact icon.

Confitel - Add Contact Popup

Add Contact Popup

Enter the contact's username. Select the combined line with domain suffix and click ADD.

New Contact Invitation

When adding a new contact, an invitation is sent to the new contact, displaying the 'ADD BACK' button on the remote ConfiTel app. When the new contact accepts the invitation by clicking on the 'ADD BACK' button, a set of encryption keys are being exchanged, and a closed, locked icon appears on the top row of both ConfiTel apps. The closed lock icon indicates that both parties' encryption keys are synced with each other, and all conversations are encrypted end to end.

How to Make End to End Encrypted Conversations

Confitel - Send end to end encrypted message

End to End Message Encryption

Type the desired text message and click on the right arrow to send an end-to-end encrypted message. The green send icon color indicates that the contact is online.

Confitel - Encrypted Voice Video Calls

End to End Encrypted Calls

To make end-to-end encrypted calls, click on the handset icon on the top and select either encrypted voice call or encrypted video call from the drop-down menu.

Confitel - Transfer Encrypted Attachments

End to End Encrypted File Sharing

Click on the staples icon and select the desired file type from the drop-down menu to transfer encrypted file attachment.